Korea1K Variome

This webpage is for data sharing of 1K Korean human genomes.

For allele frequency data

You can download the allele frequency of SNVs and Indels, Copy Number variants (CNV), Transposable element (TE) insertions of Korea1K genomes for academic purposes. For the method about calling variants, please refer to the publication ( S. Jeon, Y. Bhak, Y. Choi, Y. Jeon, S. Kim, J. Jang, J. Jang, A. Blazyte, C. Kim, Y. Kim, J. Shim, N. Kim, Y. J. Kim, S. G. Park, J. Kim, Y. S. Cho, Y. Park, H.-M. Kim, B.-C. Kim, N.-H. Park, E.-S. Shin, B. C. Kim, D. Bolser, A. Manica, J. S. Edwards, G. Church, S. Lee, J. Bhak, Korean Genome Project: 1094 Korean personal genomes with clinical information. Sci. Adv. 6, eaaz7835 (2020).).

For Raw data and clinical information

Sequencing data (FASTQ), individual genotypes, and clinical data can be provided upon request and document screening.
To request the data, please contact Sungwon Jeon (jsw0061@unist.ac.kr), Jong Bhak (jongbhak@genomics.org) with a completed request form.

Download data request forms

Korean: Download the request form

English: Download the request form

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